Multi-Channel Billing

Electronic Bill Payment Solutions

SureBill sends several million e-bills monthly. Our IT capabilities enable your customers to decide how they’d like to receive their notification and their electronic bills. These notifications can be in the form of an SMS Text message, e-mail, or voice.

SMS Text Messages

SureBill has the ability to deliver bills and invoice information via text message. With most people never being more than a few feet from their mobile device, SureBill is the simplest way to link print and mail with Text messaging. See the example on the right.


With SureBill, you can give an option for each user to control how they want to communicate in order to maximize response rates and ensure all data is delivered in the most appropriate – or most preferred – way. SureBill provides the ability to link variable content from mail files and/or variables provided in the data to create unique trackable emails to enhance your communication in many formats:

HTML email
HTML-based email with a link to secure website
HTML-based email with an attached PDF version of the mail piece
HTML-based email with a link for secure mobile viewing

Web Delivery

SureBill has a single web based solution that includes secure branded customer facing self-service solution with capabilities that enable the full range of business and consumer customer service, payments and account management activities. With multiple BillPay options, including complete and partial payments, recurring renewals, and future payments, SureBill can ensure you provide a true Web based solution and provides a secure dashboard for customers to access search and retrieve information from a single, easy-to-use web interface.

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