Intelligent Inserting

Powerful Insertion Technology

With an arsenal of insertion capabilities, SureBill can selectively insert the right documents in the right envelopes at the right time. Our intelligent inserting equipment is able to read barcodes printed on each mail piece to obtain information about the length of the document and which inserts are to be included with it. This means we can insert items with variable page counts for each recipient automatically while ensuring that only the information specific to the addressee is included in each envelope.

Real Life Example

Imagine that you’re an Electric Utility covering a wide geographic area. You have a bill insert that only applies to one municipality. How do you ensure that only the customers in that municipality receive the insert? The answer is by working with SureBill and our top notch IT and Manufacturing Departments. SureBill IT will ensure that each bill is properly encoded. SureBill Manufacturing will ensure that everything is set-up and run properly.

The result? Your customers are happy and you’ve accomplished your goal with minimal fuss.

A few examples of Intelligent Insertion include:

                • Billing Statements
                • Loan Documents
                • Newsletters
                • Promotional Booklets
                • Credit Card Application Forms Sent By Banks
                • Enrollment Forms For Benefits.
                • Year-End Tax Statements