Envelope Manufacturing

In-House Envelope Manufacturing

Envelope Manufacturing

The Right Quality & Price

E&F Inc’s envelope manufacturing capabilities allow us to quickly respond to customer needs with high quality envelopes at a reasonable price. Our quality and flexibility have attracted customers from a variety of industries including: Financial Services, Utilities, Consumer Products, Insurance, and Medical Institutions. Our in-house capabilities provide the flexibility that allows our customers to use their envelopes not only for statement fulfillment, but also for marketing to their customers.

Envelope Machine Technology

E&F has a number of envelope manufacturing machines, each with unique capabilities. Some produce envelopes with diagonal seams, others with side seams. Our newest machine can produce outside side seams, which can be very beneficial when inserting materials into the envelopes. Our fastest machine manufactures up to 20 envelopes per second with computer controlled printing and quality checks.

Printing Capabilities

E&F manufactures envelopes in a variety of sizes, colors, and windows. Marketing messages can be printed on both the exterior and interior of envelopes. Some customers even use their logo as the interior security tint to reinforce their brand recognition with their customers.

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