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SureBill produces millions of paper bills, electronic bills, letters, and statements each month. Our operations are fully integrated. This means that all we bring in are giant rolls of paper and your data. From there we: process your data, manufacture envelopes, print bills and bill inserts, fold, insert, sort & comingle mail, and create & send electronic bills. The USPS is onsite to inspect and accept the mail. For our customers this means higher quality, better adherence to schedules, better service with no finger pointing, more flexibility, and faster delivery.

Our customers are corporations, governments, and utilities; each with a variety of requirements. For most customers, SureBill provides the end-to-end services to manufacture and mail bills, statements, marketing pieces, and other documents. For governments, SureBill produces utility bills, property tax notices, auto registrations, and a variety of other documents.

Other customers don’t need SureBill to do everything and SureBill is flexible enough to provide them only what they need. For instance, one utility produces its bills in-house and SureBill saves them a lot of money by producing and mailing delinquent notices. Others, including a large bank, university hospital, and airline, produce mail in their own print shop. SureBill then sorts and comingles their mail with others to reduce their postage costs. For others, SureBill manufactures envelopes or forms to support their internal billing operations.

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Surebill® takes every precaution to ensure the security and privacy of information transmitted between biller and customer. We have stringent security standards for employees and our physical plants. Below are three examples of compliance standards.

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