Pre-Sort Commingling

What is it?

When we talk about the USPS and the postage that they charge, the size, shape, weight, class, density within zip code, and type of business (i.e. profit or non-profit) are all crucial factors that can quickly increase your costs. While we can’t eliminate your postage expense, we can reduce it by taking advantage of USPS price incentives. In this case we’re focusing on the density of mail within a zip code. SureBill has made a huge investment in mail sorting equipment. With this equipment we physically combine mail from a number of companies and sort by zip code. With more pieces of mail going to a zip code, we can take advantage of USPS postage discounts. The savings can be significant enough that companies producing mail in their own print shop use SureBill to sort and comingle their mail with ours. With an arsenal of in-house sorting capabilities, SureBill can speed delivery of your mail and reduce your postage expense.


Our data-enhanced, full-service commingling helps SureBill to cut costs and speed delivery of your mail. Commingling allows SureBill to build mail volume by zip code; increasing the likelihood that we’ll qualify for the better postage rates. Prior to mailing a bill, SureBill can often save a day or more of processing time because, unlike many competitors, we do not have to send our mail to a 3rd party to be sorted. It is all done in-house. Once mailed, additional time is often saved because the mail has already been sorted, labeled, and inspected & accepted by the USPS in the SureBill facility. The Post Office can skip these steps and immediately begin their delivery process. A bill mailed first class typically requires 2 to 4 days for delivery to your customers mailbox. SureBill’s up front work will often save a day with delivery. If the customer receives the bill earlier they have the option of paying the bill earlier which can help your cash flow.

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