Intelligent Inserting with Variable Data

What is it?

As documents are processed on our intelligent insertion machines, SureBill can selectively insert documents into the envelope. How can this help you?

Imagine that you’re an Electric Utility covering a wide geographic area. You have a bill insert that only applies to one municipality. How do you ensure that only the customers in that municipality receive the insert?

Answer: By working with SureBill and our top notch IT and Manufacturing Departments. SureBill IT will ensure that each bill is properly encoded. SureBill Manufacturing will ensure that everything is set-up and run properly. The result? Your customers are happy and you’ve accomplished your goal with minimal fuss.

With an arsenal of insertion capabilities, SureBill can make complex insertion problems seem simple.


Our intelligent inserting equipment is able to read barcodes printed on each mail piece to obtain information about the length of the document and which inserts are to be included with it. This means we can insert items with variable page counts for each recipient automatically while ensuring that only the information specific to the addressee is included in each envelope. A few examples are:

• Billing Statements
• Loan Documents
• Newsletters
• Promotional Booklets
• Credit Card Application Forms Sent By Banks
• Enrollment Forms For Benefits.
• Year-End Tax Statements

Why choose Variable Data Printing?

The potential for variable data printing is limited only by the imagination of the creator. Consider the power of being able to create a custom message for each recipient, catered to the reader’s age, gender, interests, buying habits, address, etc., and infinite possibilities begin to unfold. We use advanced technology to develop customized printing which conveys a unique message in a cost effective manner. The people at Envelopes and Forms and SureBill® have many years of practical experience in the digital print environment with extensive expertise in variable print and data workflow solutions. Numerous small, medium and Fortune 500 businesses have benefited from this experience by increasing the value of their printed communications, reducing development time and profiting from the effective use of their data.


Newsletters, contact letters, statements and any other print application that requires a name and an address are made simpler with personalized printing. You can easily personalize the content of the piece by dynamically changing pictures and text based on the individual’s data. Digital printing does it all in the same print run. For the simple mailings, don’t spend another minute with ugly labels or the labor involved in affixing them.

One of the distinguishing features of digital printing is that each revolution of an imaging cylinder represents a unique impression that is transferred to a page. Variable data printing capitalizes on this by picking up customized artwork for each page based on information from your database and rules that are set up within the Variable Data software program.