Fast, flexible, efficient

SureBill has a highly experienced in-house IT team that is well versed in all the areas related to billing and mailing. Starting with their many years of experience as the foundation for everything we do; we add the latest software tools and an excellent IT hardware & networking infrastructure to ensure that SureBill surpasses our customer’s expectations.


SureBill has many certifications, so you can be sure your confidential information. From approving your data on our secure web portal, to safely transferring encrypted data, to our back-up and security protocols; our operations are designed with the protection of your data in mind.

Flexible & Nimble

Your world changes. SureBill recognizes this so we’re not afraid of changes. We’re always ready to do what’s necessary to support your evolving world. SureBill can quickly update bills and electronic messages to meet your latest requirements. With everything in-house we can make changes quickly and nimbly.

Multi Channel Delivery

The world is moving faster every day. Rather than waiting for the mail, many customers prefer to receive their bills electronically. SureBill sends several million e-bills monthly. Our IT capabilities allow the customer to decide how they’d like to receive their notification and their electronic bill. Their notification could be in the form of an SMS Text message, e-mail, or voice. In their electronic message, we can include a hot link to take the customer to their bill or a PDF image of the bill. For SureBill customers that don’t want to host the bill images, we can host the images for them. Customers can even pay their bill from their electronic device. The customer sees the bill faster and has the option to pay the bill sooner. All this can mean lower costs and improved cash flow for you.

Multi-Channel Delivery is also for you, the SureBill customer. We can send you electronic notifications when jobs are ready for release to production. You can then log into our secure web portal and modify/approve the job as necessay.

SMS Text Messages

In 2014, more people accessed the internet via a mobile or tablet device than PC’s. SureBill ensures that your communication delivery is not obsolete. SureBill has the ability to deliver bills and invoice information via text message. With most people never being more than a few feet from their mobile device, SureBill is the simplest way to link print and mail with Text messaging. See the example on the right.


Electronic delivery of bills, statements and other high-value documents is becoming commonplace and all but expected by many consumers SureBill e-delivery options help drive communications with your customers in such popular formats as:

• E-delivery via a HTML-based email with a link to secure website
• E-delivery via a HTML-based email with an attached PDF version of the mail piece
• E-delivery of critical information to your client via a HTML email
• E-delivery via a HTML-based email with a link for secure mobile viewing

With SureBill, you can give an option for each user to control how they want to communicate in order to maximize response rates and ensure all data is delivered in the most appropriate – or most preferred – way. SureBill provides the ability to link variable content from mail files and/or variables provided in the data to create unique trackable emails to enhance your communication offering.

Web Delivery

Driving your clients to a web submission:

• Secure web submission
• Web delivery as HTML, image or PDF
• Support for single-on
• Fully or partially branded websites
• Fully integrated BillPay support

SureBill has a single web based solution that includes secure branded customer facing self-service solution with capabilities that enable the full range of business and consumer customer service, payments and account management activities. With multiple BillPay options, including complete and partial payments, recurring renewals, and future payments, SureBill can ensure you provide a true Web based solution and provides a secure dashboard for customers to access search and retrieve information from a single, easy-to-use web interface.

Secure Web Proofing

SureBill can automatically notify you or your staff when a job has been processed and is ready for approval, before being released to the production process (print, email text, etc). The entire job or individual documents may be accepted or rejected. If rejected, notes can be added and an email generated for immediate review.
Authorized users can securely log into a semi- or fully-branded web portal and review job and file information such as:

• Input data
• Name address fields
• Number of pages
• Number of statements
• PDF or PNG with pre-printed stock emulation
• Specific letter versions
• Individual mail pieces or the entire job

SureBill web proofing closes the loop with customers to help ensure accuracy.

Intelligent Voice Recognition

SureBill is not limited to traditional print and eDelivery. With integrated IVR, SureBill’s solution can call end users on their home phone or cell phone and provide a unique variable phone call with options to confirm appointments, initiate payments, or provide feedback to a direct marketing piece. SureBill’s out calling IVR solution supports multiple languages and voice options. It contains an easy to use IVR Editor, providing the ability to build customized delivery options and messages based on data provided or from the SureBill system.

Custom Portal Hosting

SureBill is able to keep the look and feel of your website branding consistent.  With several integrated marketing areas.