Address Hygiene

SureBill works with the USPS to identify and correct bad addresses. Each bill is processed through CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System), DPV (Delivery Point Verification) and NCOA (National Change of Address) to ensure that each address is as current, complete, and accurate as possible. We provide custom address change reporting to our customers and can perform specific actions based on their business rules.

With an arsenal of address hygiene capabilities, SureBill can ensure that your mail is delivered as quickly as possible with the fewest possible problems.

Data Consolidation and Standardization

We use state-of-the-art software to ensure that your addresses are standardized to meet the latest United States Postal Service® requirements.

• Validation and correction of street, city and state.
• Street prefix, suffix, and secondary address components are standardized.
• ZIP+4® Codes are enhanced, added if missing, and corrected.
• United States Postal Service® Carrier Route Codes are added.
• United States Postal Service® Line-of-Travel data is added.
• Delivery Point Bar Code data is added.
• Undeliverable and non-forwardable addresses are identified and tagged.

Once the basic standardization is completed. Several optional suppression processes are available. Our clients see numerous benefits on this type of processing. From decreasing inefficient prospecting costs to increasing customer satisfaction. Other reasons to perform suppression processing may include legal restrictions, investor obligations, and self-regulatory privacy obligations.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

NCOA improves deliverability by providing new addresses for households, individuals and businesses that have moved. It uses an update process that compares each source record to the United States Postal Service® National Change of Address database. The records that match are returned with the new address of the individual, family, businesses, type of move and move effective date or a flag noting that no forwarding address is available. The NCOA database currently has over 110+ million records for a 48 month period. Caution should still be taken in changing the address of record on files if they are from an operational system, given that your address data may be more current than the United States Postal Service®.

Delivery Point Verification

Delivery Point Verification helps us remove undeliverable addresses from address lists. While standardization services will put addresses in a standardized format and weed out some bad addresses, a service like DPV is important to find out if an address is complete and valid. After standardizing your addresses, our DPV software will compare each address with an official list of addresses (from the USPS) that receive mail. A notes column in your list will indicate if the address matching software found a match and whether or not the address is missing the apartment or suite.

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System)

CASS service provided by SureBill® improves the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP, ZIP+4®, carrier route, and delivery point bar codes. CASS includes address standardization, ZIP correction, ZIP+4® appending, carrier-route coding, appending delivery point bar code data, error messages/footnotes, a CASS report (United States Postal Service® form 3553), and an NDI report. SureBill® updates the ZIP+4® directory on a monthly basis to provide the most accurate data available.