Envelope Manufacturing

E&F Inc. is a leading manufacturer of envelopes; growing to be one of the largest privately held manufacturers in the United States. Our success has been the result of hard work to provide each client the best envelope products, impeccable quality, and personalized customer service.

Commercial Printing

E&F Inc. began as a simple printing company over 30 years ago. From one press we’ve grown to have a large variety of presses, each with different capabilities. Combine our many presses with skilled operators and E&F Inc. can manufacture everything from simple, single color, letter size documents to full color, glossy, on any size sheet.

Graphic Design

Increased Effectiveness at a Lower Cost.

Industry statistics tell us that a significant percentage of calls handled by Customer Service Representatives involve customer confusion about correspondence they receive. Often, they involve basic and avoidable questions about bills and letters.

E&F Inc. will work with you to understand the goals and usage for each document. We will then apply creativity and industry best practices for layout, color use, on-page message placement, etc. to create an effective document that you’ll be proud for your customers to use. If the form is a bill, statement, or other mailed communication, we’ll use our expertise to ensure that it adheres to all USPS regulations and will be processed as efficiently as possible by the USPS.

With an arsenal of in-house graphic design capabilities, E&F can produce the quality forms your business needs at a competitive price.