Commercial Printing

Printing is in our blood. E&F Inc. started as a printing company in a garage over 30 years ago. A classic American success story, E&F Inc. has grown from one small press to a number of presses, some of which would fill up a room. From our three large web offset presses to sheet fed presses, each press provides E&F Inc. with a unique capability. Together, the presses allow E&F Inc. to offer customers the unique ability of producing a huge variety of documents under one roof.

With an arsenal of in-house commercial printing capabilities, E&F can produce the quality printed documents your business needs at a competitive price.

Increased Effectiveness at a Lower Cost

Industry statistics tell us that a significant percentage of calls handled by Customer Service Representatives involve customer confusion about correspondence they receive. Often, they involve basic and avoidable questions about bills and letters.

E&F Inc. will work with you to understand the goals and usage for each form. We will then apply creativity and industry best practices for layout, color use, on-page message placement, etc. to create an effective form that you’ll be proud for your customers to use. If the form is a bill, statement, or other mailed communication, we’ll use our expertise to ensure that it adheres to all USPS regulations and will be processed as efficiently as possible by the USPS.

For example, one of our customers came to E&F Inc. with almost 30 different bill formats and a plea for help. The variety of bills caused too much confusion! The E&F Inc. design team went to work and consolidated all 30 bills into one flexible bill format. We enlarged the bill page from letter size to legal size and used graphics effectively to eliminate any confusion. To top it off, we developed a custom envelope for the new bill. The end result was that E&F Inc. eliminated a lot of errors and saved our customer a lot of money.

With an arsenal of in-house graphic design capabilities, E&F Inc. can produce the quality forms your business needs at a competitive price.

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Benefits of Choosing E&F Print Business

Selecting the right business communications services provider can save you thousands or even millions of dollars. Outsourcing the secure, compliant production of statements, bills and other business communications to Envelopes & Forms almost always offers a rapid–or in many cases, an immediate–return on investment.